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Tue Jun 6 17:07:43 UTC 2006

Steve Hargadon wrote:
> On 6/6/06, *"Simón A. Ruiz"* <sruiz at <mailto:sruiz at>> 
> wrote:We now have 126 (122 student, 4 >teacher) Edubuntu Linux 
> workstations out
>  >in 4 English classrooms, and have just been awarded a second grant (from
>  >the same Access Indiana project) to outfit 5 more 30-station classrooms
>  >in our English department.
> Simon:
> Very cool. 

:) I think so.

> I met with Mike Huffman last year, and after several phone calls and 
> emails with him he ultimately decided that they did not have an interest 
> in any of the thin-client Linux solutions and were moving toward 
> "streaming" solutions (like Ardence).  Are you running Edubuntu in 
> thin-client mode?

No, we're running the full Edubuntu Desktop on each machine. Each 
machine is fully capable of running everything locally.

> We did some pretty complex spreadsheets to show cost-savings for using 
> thin-client Linux, but Mike (at the time) was focused on Novell Linux 
> Desktop and the new computers from Evergreen.  I've tried to make 
> contact with him a couple of times since, but the door hasn't really 
> been "opened" again.

Yeah, the vast majority of Access Indiana schools are using Novell, some 
are using Linspire. We're the only ones using Edubuntu, but that's 
mostly because it wasn't listed as a choice. After I brain dump all our 
documentation and information re:Edubuntu on the community site I'm 
planning to create, we'll see if other schools don't decide to go the 
Edubuntu route.

Re: Evergreen computers: There was also a Dell choice, which our 
corporation went for; mainly because ALL our desktop purchases for a 
long time have been from Dell.

> I'm the organizer for the Open Source Lab at NECC 2006 in San Diego next 
> month, and we are having a number of speakers on Open Source in 
> Education (see 
> <>).  Any chance you'll be there?

Unfortunately, there is not. I'll be in Venezuela during that time. It 
looks like a good get together, though, good luck on it.

> Again, great work.  Would love to know more about what you have done.  
> BTW, we sell refurbished Dell GX150's that make excellent small thin 
> clients... :)

Well, I'll certainly announce on here when I get a semblance of a site up.

Thanks for your e-mail.

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