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Thanks for your email, I will take your points on board, do you have
I'm not sure why the development page says NOT AUTHORIZED, it's something
that happens if you put not published in moodle, I will get rid of the link
and I hope that will make the site look a lot better.

I'm not sure what else I can do under the server descriptions to make them
more understandable, I have tried to explain what they do in detail but it
obviously hasn't worked...any ideas here too?

I am always open to any views and opinions and yours may help me make the
site a whole lot better.

Many Thanks,


On 2/20/06, Herman Bos <hbos at> wrote:
> linuxgirlie wrote:
> > Not sure if anyone is interested but the latest version of Karoshi
> > ( <>) is now available. The
> > latest version support Kubuntu, but does not of yet support the Gnome
> > interface, so though Ubuntu works, you will need KDE.
> >
> > If anyone has any features or thoughts and feelings just email me.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Jo
> Whats the deal with this Karoshi stuff? You e-mailed this before to list
> and at least I don't see any noticeable improvement regarding the
> website. Most of the explanations about Karoshi don't make sense at all.
> I guess its some package (with its own services and all) you just
> install on top of a distribution but thats just a guess.
> The development page is NOT AUTHORIZED. :p Great for an open-source
> project.
> Most services are renamed to things like Xen, Hal, Orac with a bad
> description of what they do, makes me wonder which services it
> originally were.
> Anyway it radiates LOW Quality.
> Regards,
> Herman

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