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Mon Sep 26 19:28:20 UTC 2005

Did you have something arranged that I could fill in for you at?  I
set up the Open Source thin-client lab in Philadelphia for NECC2005
(National Educators Computing Conference), and we used Ubuntu (with
the help of Colin Applegate and Jeff Elkner's crew).  I speak
regularly about thin-client Linux, have servers I can bring, etc.

I've also got a 2-page overview on using thin-client Linux in schools
that could be duplicated and distributed.

Steve Hargadon
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On 9/26/05, Jeff Waddell <jefferydouglaswaddell at> wrote:
> Please see for more information on this Conference taking place
> in Portland, OR on Oct. 13 and 14th 2005.
> I had hopes that I would be able to go to this and do LTSP/K12-LTSP/edubuntu
> demonstrations for our government officials to show them the benefits.  It
> appears that I will not be able to do this at this time for a "vast
> conspiracy" (tongue-in-check) of reasons.  However, it occurred to me that
> maybe there might be someone else who is in position to represent our
> interests to our government mover's and shaker's here in the US.
> Thanks for your time and here's to making our government better through
> software that works.
> Jeff
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