Preview release - "One or more packages failed to install".

Rick Fitzsimmons rickfitzsimmons at
Sun Sep 11 22:38:28 UTC 2005

Just installed i386 preview release. Following observations so far:

1. No default for IP address. I chose to fit into my 
existing network.

2. Prompt to configure the dhcpd.conf file specifies the /etc/dhcp3/ 
directory, but this should be /etc/ltsp/ (as far as I can see).

3. Base system configuration gave an error saying "One or more packages 
failed to install". The supplied dhcpd.conf file (in /etc/ltsp/) defines 
a range for a subnet on If the server's IP address is not 
on this subnet, then the dhcp server fails to start, and 
ltsp-server-standalone can't get configured. I edited the conf file, ran 
"dpkg --configure ltsp-server-standalone" and it now seems to work.

4. Minor stuff: During startup, "Setting up general console font" fails, 
and reverts to text-mode. Also, DHCP info might be daunting for 
semi-technical users (eg specifying network interfaces, instruction to 
edit the dhcpd.conf file, warning about default being non-authoritative 

I'll do some more testing tomorrow...

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