Education menu disappears

Josiah Johnston siah at
Mon Oct 17 17:28:18 UTC 2005

I've installed the edubuntu 5.10 workstation on eight separate  
machines. On each one, the 'Education' application menu disappears  
after I start clicking around on other menus. e.g.:
	Add a user through system menu, Education menu disappears.
	Start Ktouch, Education menu disappears.

If I right click the menu, and click "Edit Menus", Smeg opens and shows  
Education menu as visible. I can turn it on and off in Smeg with no  
effect on the actual menu.

Logging out and back in resets the bug.

I found this: 

But the folder ~/.config/ did not exist.

So far I have been unable to replicate anything similar to this with  
Ubuntu 5.10.

Any help would be appreciated.

-Josiah Johnston

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