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Am Freitag, den 24.06.2005, 10:18 -0400 schrieb flint at
> I wanted to get a brief word in about the Logo.  
> Jeff Elkner suggested to me and I suggest to the list that we are not
> being inclusive enough in this selection process.  Jeff pointed out to me
> that if an instructor or educational technologist in the future generates
> a version of Edubuntu (for instance using Launchpad :^) that would benefit
> from the chemistry-themed logo, then that is the logo that should be used.  
> I believe that what Elkner is saying to us is that the rich set of
> alternatives for the edubuntu logo is a feature to be exploited not a bug
> to be eliminated.  
> So my question to the list is "Why can't we just use them all?".
we certainly wont throw them away after we selected one logo we can
identify with, so everybody who wants to create ChemUbuntu will be able
to grab this logo and use it...

what we currently need is a single logo our audiance identifys us with,
which will be printed on flyers, posters and CD covers so wherever you
see this logo, you think "aaah, Edubuntu !". 

its hard to gain such a recognition if you show up with different
branding everywhere.

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