Edubuntu Launch Traget Market & the tuXlabs Cookbook

Jonathan Carter jonathan at
Fri Jul 29 17:47:39 UTC 2005

John Ingleby wrote:
> I'd like to help with editing the tuXlabs Cookbook. Much of my career
> has been spent documenting systems and writing on-line tutorials, and
> for the past two years I've been responsible for a lot of stuff on the
> Schoolforge-UK wiki at
> My vote would be to keep the Cookbook online for as long as possible,
> and only publish it in printed form when there's a clear need from
> places with poor Internet connection. That way, it will be continually
> updated as new information emerges, which is likely to happen when
> enthusiasts and early adopters get their hands on the first release of
> Edubuntu.

Hi John

It would be great if you got involved. I'm cc'ing Jean on this. When he 
gets back from Nairobi, he can drop you a mail and we can get the 
sources and get hacking!


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