LTSP "out of the box"

Andreas Schuldei andreas at
Mon Jul 11 11:42:06 UTC 2005

* Quim Gil (qgil at [050711 12:22]:
> > the edubuntu CD itself will be targeted at classroom use (it will
> > install a ltsp server out of the box etc.)
> Would it be crazy to ask in the installation process whether you want to
>  install a LTSP server to serve a whole classrom or just a thick client
> in the current machine?
> There may be many teachers/admins that for whatever reason don't want an
> LTSP/thinclients setting in their classroom.

i think it would be bad to ask this. teachers tend to be ignorant
of the facts. "What is a Termina Server? and why would i want one,
anyway? perhaps it works better if i have more of them?"

the options would be to autodetect the network in a robust way or
to provide a sane preconfiguration. you should ask as little and
as easy questions as possible.

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