[Fwd: suggets 2 open source software for including in edubuntu and/or ubuntu]

Miles Berry mberry at st-ives.surrey.sch.uk
Thu Dec 22 07:26:36 UTC 2005

eXe is well worth including in my view. It's browser based, but runs via
a localhost server in its default setup - see
Claroline provides much the same core functionality as Moodle, but has a
 smaller user and developer community. It also has more of a post-18
focus than Moodle these days. SCORMS will work in Moodle too.

Jane Weideman wrote:
> Hi list,
> It seems our biggest and most active Edubuntu community is in Chile, and
> I suspect Mauricio has a lot to do with that ;)
> I know Claroline has been mentioned before and I think they may have a
> new release since they were last looked at, so I thought I'd pass this
> message along.
> Regards
> JaneW
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> From: Christian Caneo Camps <ccaneoc at hotmail.com>
> To: jelkner at divmod.com
> Cc: janew at ubuntu.com
> Subject: suggets 2 open source software for including in edubuntu and/or
> ubuntu
> Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 12:24:34 -0300
> Hi 
> I test ubuntu and edubuntu, great work 
> I want to make a proposal
> I use 2 open source software that I think might been include in edubuntu
> distribution by default or at leat make the deb package for a leater and
> easy install
> http://exelearning.org/
> http://www.claroline.net
> This software are for teachers , academic and tutors , therefore for
> student
> eXe it's for design and authoring of learning resources for the web
> claroline it's a LMS , use scorm package (eXe make scorm package that
> import to claroline)
> sorry for my english I am for Chile
> regards
> Christian Caneo Camps

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