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Kevin Cole kjcole at
Wed Dec 14 21:56:53 UTC 2005

Zeb Smith wrote:

> Hello all. I work for the Newton Falls Public Library as Systems
> Administrator. I’m very strongly considering using Edubuntu on the
> public computers here. I have already switched to OpenOffice and various
> other open source applications…. but the machines still run Windows as
> the OS. My main concern about switching to Linux is that with Windows, I
> can lock down settings such as web browser configuration, desktop
> backgrounds and such so that patrons can not tamper with them. I’ve been
> using kubuntu on my own computers for some time now, but have not found
> a way to configure it similarly. If anyone can offer insight on this,
> the advice would be most appreciated.
> Thank you,

A few people here in Washington, DC have set up Edubuntu in two public
libraries, and a community center.  I've passed your question on to one of
them.  Since it's designed for classrooms (among other places), it has some
elements that prevent little rug-rats from messing things up too badly.

> W. Zebulon Smith
> Systems Manager
> Newton Falls Public Library
> 204 South Canal Street
> Newton Falls, OH 44444-1694
> Phone: (330)872-1282
> Fax: (330)872-9153
> <>

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