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Zeb Smith zebsmith at
Wed Dec 14 21:40:52 UTC 2005

Hello all. I work for the Newton Falls Public Library as Systems
Administrator. I'm very strongly considering using Edubuntu on the public
computers here. I have already switched to OpenOffice and various other open
source applications.. but the machines still run Windows as the OS. My main
concern about switching to Linux is that with Windows, I can lock down
settings such as web browser configuration, desktop backgrounds and such so
that patrons can not tamper with them. I've been using kubuntu on my own
computers for some time now, but have not found a way to configure it
similarly. If anyone can offer insight on this, the advice would be most


Thank you


W. Zebulon Smith

Systems Manager

Newton Falls Public Library

204 South Canal Street

Newton Falls, OH 44444-1694

Phone: (330)872-1282

Fax: (330)872-9153

www.newtonfall <>


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