Rescheduling regular DMB meeting day/time

Dan Streetman ddstreet at
Tue Nov 9 16:49:34 UTC 2021

On Tue, Nov 9, 2021 at 11:31 AM Robie Basak <robie.basak at> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 09, 2021 at 11:06:23AM -0500, Dan Streetman wrote:
> > Ok sorry I misunderstood that comment, I didn't realize you meant you
> > want the current schedule and will -1 any change; assuming I'm not
> > misunderstanding you again, of course.
> I'm not necessarily -1 with any change, but in order for us to be
> effective in finding a rescheduled time that works overall, I think
> everyone should vote according to their expectations for attendance. In
> this case I think I'm likely to miss every other meeting, and therefore
> am -1. And reducing to one meeting time is also bad for applicants,
> making it less likely that they'll be able to make it, too. I appreciate
> the suggestion for less realtime application processing to mitigate, but
> from a realtime scheduling perspective, reducing from two slots to one
> is definitely worse.

The problem is that while I did provide a preferred schedule with time
slots both early and late (from my perspective at UTC-5), both Thomas
and Rafael stated they have no preferred slots before 16:00 UTC. And
both Lukasz and you simply stated you have no preference and would try
to adjust to whatever new scheduled we decide.

So, if I'm the board member driving this action item, if I choose to
keep the alternating timeslot schedule, I have to pick an 'early'
day/time that I know 2 board members have explicitly stated doesn't
work for them. I'm not sure how that is better than our current
schedule, since it effectively excludes them from 1/2 the meetings (or
makes them choose between the DMB and other responsibilities).

> There may be other times that I think I'm more likely to be able
> to attend, and I'd be +1 to those. In any case, whatever we decide, I
> will endeavour to make myself available if I can.

I appreciate you trying to work with whatever schedule the DMB
eventually decides; however, I would prefer not to exclude *any* board
members from our schedule, so while we might be able to get enough +1
on this proposed day/time to "pass" the motion, I'm still not too
happy with it, if that means you have to either skip the meeting, or
skip some other personal responsibility.

This is why I would like to ask you once more to please, please
provide at least some preferred day/time slots. I can't schedule a
meeting that works for everyone if I don't get preferred times from
everyone. If your only preferred times are the currently scheduled DMB
meeting times (meaning, no other days or times work for you), then I
suppose I'll just have to apologize for putting more burden on you by
proposing a new meeting schedule. However, if that makes attendance
easier for 2 (or more) other board members, then I suppose it's a net

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