Proposed additions to the ubuntu-desktop packageset

Dan Streetman ddstreet at
Thu Feb 18 19:51:21 UTC 2021

On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 2:34 PM Gunnar Hjalmarsson <gunnarhj at> wrote:
> Hi DMB!
> As one of the ubuntu-desktop members who is not also a core dev, I may
> be more attentive to the ubuntu-desktop packageset than others. ;)
> Anyway, there are a few packages which have either been promoted to main
> recently or will soon be. I'm thinking of:
> abseil
> marisa
> opencc
> It would be great if those could be added to ubuntu-desktop.

agreed; I added all 3 to ubuntu-desktop packageset for x/b/f/g/h

> Also, I think the ibus package would fit better in the ubuntu-desktop
> packageset than in the desktop core one. Besides Ubuntu desktop only
> Ubuntu Budgie (with a GNOME like desktop) ships it by default nowadays.
> Even if we are in sync with Debian ATM, you never know when a temporary
> delta becomes motivated.

I added this to ubuntu-desktop packageset for x/b/f/g/h also.

IIUC, and rafaeldtinoco can correct me here, the desktop-core
packageset needs to be moved into (or merged with) the ubuntu-desktop
packageset, and it only currently exists because of the
ubuntustudio-desktop-core metapackage, which needs to be cleaned up.
Though I may have misunderstood the situation. But in any case, ibus
is now part of ubuntu-desktop packageset as well.

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> Cheers,
> Gunnar Hjalmarsson
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