Core dev requirement for developer membership board seats?

Thomas Ward teward at
Thu Jan 16 23:31:52 UTC 2020

On 1/16/20 2:27 PM, Rafael David Tinoco wrote:
>>> It's also worth noting that the DMB is usually short of nominees when it
>>> comes to board elections, and attendance from quite a few board members
>>> has been very low for the last few years, causing much frustration
>>> amongst applicants when we have not been able to make quorum. Therefore,
>>> from the other side, limiting eligibility has the potential to be
>>> harmful.
>>> So here's the question: how should we define the set of people who are
>>> eligible for a seat on the developer membership board?
>> As DMB members are expected to have familiarity with the process, I
>> think it's reasonable to limit eligibility to members of
>> ~ubuntu-core-dev, ~ubuntu-sru-developers, or ~motu.
> I share the same opinion. Not being part of at least 1 of those groups,
> for example, limit *a lot* the quality of feedback that can be given on
> applications & votings, IMHO.

I don't disagree with or others with this opinion on this one.  I may be 
biased as I am a Developer but also on the Core Developer group, but if 
a member of the DMB is not one of the aforementioned groups, it makes it 
very difficult to trust that person understands the processes enough to 
be able to properly vet and judge applications for people who wish to 
join one (or more) of those groups.


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