Application for CoreDev (rafaeldtinoco)

Rafael David Tinoco rafaeldtinoco at
Tue Dec 3 14:02:24 UTC 2019

Hello Robie,

Very well pointed! I have removed those which did not explicitly
mentioned coredev as a path AND also I have warned those whom I kept
comments / endorsements from (IRC):

I have copied my serverdev/motu application into and I have removed all the
comments/endorsements that didn't explicitly say something about my path
to coredev as, appropriately reminded by rbasak, it could look like a
false coredev endorsement. With that, please let me know if you would
like me to remove/change your previous endorsement / comment, now in the
coredev application, or feel free to do it yourself. Thanks you very
much in advance!!

Please let me know if you think something else should be changed and
thanks for reviewing my application!


On 03/12/2019 03:35, Robie Basak wrote:
> Hi Rafael,
> Thank you for your application!
>> It contains all the information from my previous application
>> (UbuntuServerDev and MOTU), including all endorsements, comments and
>> recommendations from other core devs and co-workers I received at that
>> time (thank you very much for that!).
> Please could you make sure to filter any comments/endorsements whose
> wording didn't explicitly apply to a future core dev application?
> In other words, an endorsement just for MOTU (for example) isn't
> necessarily an endorsement for core dev, and so it is inappropriate to
> copy these over in the general case without permission from the
> endorser.
> I look forward to the next meeting!
> Robie

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