Application for Qt 5 Uploader

Simon Quigley tsimonq2 at
Mon Feb 26 00:38:21 UTC 2018


I'm applying to be a Qt 5 Uploader (that is, upload access to the `qt5`
packageset; addition to the ~ubuntu-qt5-dev LP team) in Ubuntu.

Wiki page:
Launchpad page:

I have added myself to the DMB agenda for tomorrow, although I
completely understand if it needs to be pushed back to next meeting (due
to lack of time given to review my application) and I'll attend the
meeting regardless (although if pushed back I'll have to attend a DMB
meeting that occurs at 19 UTC (not at 15 UTC) due to scheduling unless
the DMB is available at a different time). Doing this by email is also
fine by me, and I idle on IRC should anyone have questions for me there.


Simon Quigley
tsimonq2 at
tsimonq2 on freenode and OFTC
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