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Luke Faraone luke at
Mon Jul 19 03:52:20 UTC 2010

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I'd like to request the creation of a Package Set for the Sugar packages
in Ubuntu.

Sugar is a collection of educational software for the Linux desktop,
presented its own DE, a la KDE or GNOME. It's fairly self contained, and
there has been interest recently by several developers who wish to get
more involved with packaging Sugar for Ubuntu.

The existence of a package set would allow developers who want to help
out with Ubuntu Sugar packaging but do not have the interest to become
full MOTUs to do so more effectively.

The relevant team for the set is, the wider team of
interested participants is at

An initial package list is attached.

In general, anything that matches "sugar-*" or is maintained by "Debian
OLPC" <debian-olpc-devel at> in Debian would be a
candidate for the package set. If possible, I would like to be able to
have additions to the set that match either of the above two rules as
needed in the future.


Luke Faraone
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