[Bug 33753] Re: don't use OpenGL savers if no hardware support

Mantas Kriaučiūnas mantas at akl.lt
Wed Oct 11 20:51:04 UTC 2006


On Wed, Oct 11, 2006 at 08:33:05PM -0000, Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen wrote:
> I have had several matrox, intel and ati based graphics cards that with
> the default install would CRASH upon about half of the opengl-
> screensavers.

So, this is your hardware or upstream xorg drivers bug.

> If the screensavers that require 3D are in seperate packages, why are
> they even installed by default and/or available on a live-desktop. This
> is a packaging issue, not an upstream issue.

No, this is a buggy hardware or buggy upstream drivers issue, because 
system should never crash - stability should never depend on some 
software, which user can start, like 3D game or screensaver.

> Also I vote for priority 'critical'. Since on about half of the 3d cards
> out there, using the default open source drivers, they make the system
> crash.

If you got system crash you should report a critical bug against xorg 
drivers, not agains 3D game or other software, which uses xorg.

> I will try to post some specific bug reports about all the hardware
> although I suspect they are already well known upstream.  

Yes, you should report bugs agains xorg-driver-xxx packages or kernel 
DRI drivers. Btw, I suggest you to try to test with older Ubuntu 
versions, for example I noticed lots of crashes on several system with 
ATI Radeon 9xxx driver with Ubuntu 6.06, but with Ubuntu 5.10 they works 
fine and stable.

don't use OpenGL savers if no hardware support

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