[Bug 33753] Re: don't use OpenGL savers if no hardware support

Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen Ralf.Nieuwenhuijsen at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 01:45:12 UTC 2006

> No, this is a buggy hardware or buggy upstream drivers issue, because
> system should never crash - stability should never depend on some
> software, which user can start, like 3D game or screensaver.

It's both an packaging issue of opengl as well as driver issue with
xorg. Its that the screensavers are the only element of the _official
supported_ desktop that require opengl, yet there are no free drivers
that even enable us to use opengl at a usable state. It's too slow for
screensavers or games.

OpenGL itself is not an officially supported part of Ubuntu. So why
would some screensaver package that nobody cares about, but is enabled
by default, depend upon stable high quality opengl support, when the
rest of the official ubuntu package does not provide it?

> If you got system crash you should report a critical bug against xorg
> drivers, not agains 3D game or other software, which uses xorg.

I would file a bug against any officially supported package that
depends on openGL support and runs by default.

The reason these bug-reports were not placed in the first place was
because I was paid to install and setup the ubuntu-boxes; not to file
bug-reports. I didn't have the time nor the access to those machines
to perform all kinds of test. If it would have involved anything that
they might want to use, I probably would have had the permission to go
ahead and file bug reports, monitor and assist in the fixing of them.
But they were like: just turn the screensavers off.

don't use OpenGL savers if no hardware support

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