[Bug 13972] clock-applet goes up or down two by two instead of one by one in both month and year field

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Thu Sep 22 12:17:00 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From carlos.perello at canonical.com  2005-09-22 13:17 UTC -------
I have that behaviour too. It happens with warty and hoary. It also happens on
powerpc or x86.

The way to reproduce it is just click over the arrow to change the month not too
fast, you don't need to press it too slowly either, but just take some extra
microseconds and you will see it. Seems like the timeout to do the fast forward
is too low and sometimes, takes a normal click as a "fast forward" event.

Seb, if you cannot reproduce it, just remind me it and I will show you it at


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