Next Release of Checkbox (Week #07 Release Candidate) available in Testing PPA

Sylvain Pineau sylvain.pineau at
Tue Feb 11 13:52:15 UTC 2020

Hello all!

The next release of Checkbox is available in the testing PPA:

- checkbox-ng 1.7.0rc1
- checkbox-support 0.44.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-resource 0.43.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-checkbox 0.51.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-certification-client 0.39.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-certification-server 0.46.0rc1
- checkbox-provider-phoronix 0.3.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-sru 1.16.0rc1

Please help testing this version.

Bug fixes


+ Bump to v0.39.0rc1
+ add stress-pm-graph test plan
+ add auto test plan
+ remove esata firewire
+ add dock test plan
+ Remove collect-manifest from test plans
+ Remove 14.04 references
+ increment version to v0.39.0.dev0

+ Bump to v0.43.0rc1
+ bootloader: handle more scenarios and error states
+ pmr: run unit tests when merging branches
+ tests: fix tests of net_if_mgmt resource
+ snapd_resource: add .py extension
+ snapd_resource: switch from guacamole to argparse
+ udev_resource: add MMAL to expected categories
+ net-if-mgmt: don't break resource with error msgs
+ bin/cpuinfo_resource: add a key/value pair to store the available 
frequency governors. lp: 1853877
+ increment version to v0.43.0.dev0

+ Bump to v1.16.0rc1
+ Add the net_if_management attachment job to plans
+ increment version to v1.16.0.dev0

+ Bump to v1.7.0rc1
+ fix psutil crashing when the polled process before polling
+ add --clear-old-sessions flag to checkbox-cli
+ fix --clear-cache option
+ Ignore trailing garbage in job result record.gz files
+ setup: avocado allergy
+ suspend/resume: tests for new metadata
+ suspend/resume: support custom joblist metadata
+ load_providers: refactor in to SA init
+ execution: pass environ dict rather than config
+ Remove the checks on namedtuple internals
+ reqs: add python3-urwid as a deb pre-req
+ reqs: add python3-pycrypto as a deb pre-req
+ stages: use properties rather than members
+ assistant: make config available via a property
+ pep8: removed unused imports
+ master: Save the launcher manifest section on disk when 
test_selection_forced is set
+ master: Add the system manifest urwird step
+ subcommands:launcher: Save the launcher manifest section on disk when 
test_selection_forced is set
+ subcommands:launcher: Add the system manifest urwird step
+ urwid: Add the ManifestBrowser screen
+ session:remote_assistant: Add both get_manifest_repr and save_manifest
+ session:assistant: Add the save_manifest() method
+ session:assitant: Automatically exclude plainbox::collect-manifest 
from now on
+ session:assistant: add get_manifest_repr to populate the urwid screen
+ plainbox:launcher: Add the manifest section
+ resource: Add visit_Attribute() to ResourceNodeVisitor to record 
manifest units
+ subcommands: list now works with sideloaded providers
+ session: make SA return list of providers it has loaded
+ bring back top-level command processing
+ increment version to v1.7.0.dev0
+ dont rely on guacamole to do commands
+ builtin-providers: kill unused L10N command
+ remove dead code

+ Bump to v0.44.0rc1
+ usb_read_write: check for i/o errors in dmesg
+ parsers:udev: add rpi camera (CSI bus) detection
+ Fix requirements to install debs rather than pypi versions
+ vendror: Update aioblescan
+ ignore unicode errors
+ increment version to v0.44.0.dev0

+ Bump to v0.51.0rc1
+ info/packaging: remove python3-guacamole from deps
+ wifi_master_mode: remove use of guacamole module
+ wifi_master_mode: rename script
+ dkms_info: remove use of guacamole module
+ dkms_info: move tests to test subdir
+ test_recovery_info: remove cruft
+ dkms_info: rename script
+ dmi-sysfs-resource: script rename
+ dmi-sysfs-resource: remove guacamole dependency
+ requirements: run ` test` during merge
+ recovery_info: remove guacamole, split out tests
+ tpm-sysfs-resource: rename script
+ tpm-sysfs-resource: remove guacamole use
+ module_loaded_test: script rename
+ module_loaded_test: use argparse
+ wifi-ap: remove dependency on NM wireless job
+ wwan_tests: rename to
+ wwan_tests: switch to argparse from guacamole
+ bin:pm_test: Fix the suspend count method to take into account s2idle
+ snap_tests: remove use of guacamole module
+ bump gpgpu test time to 4 hours lp: #1860679
+ i2c: rename test script and use argparse
+ info/stress/usb: use CHECKBOX_RUNTIME variable
+ info: fix parts_meta_info_attach for classic snaps
+ camera: tests specific to RPi camera
+ Cleaned up CFL ID dict to catch all steppings more easily LP: #1859519
+ 1. Add the power-button test case,2. Modify the steps of 
audio-playback-headphones and audio-alsa-record-playback-external 
cases,3.Remove the cases audio-speaker-headphone-plug-detection and 
+ stress: Always remove the magic __result file with jobs respawning 
+ bin:pm_test: Fix typo preventing comments to be available in reports
+ remove thunderbolt tests
+ monitor: add EDID stress test using chameleon
+ remove obex tests
+ remove miscellanea/dmitest_client
+ remove led battery related tests
+ add intel pm-graph tests
+ Fix failure of KVM test to fully execute but claim success
+ Fixed LXD test failure under Ubuntu 19.10
+ miscellanea/secure_boot_mode_gadget: Fix requirements
+ monitor: rework hdmi hotlpug for chamelon board
+ Also fail the usb-storage-preinserted tests if there are IO errors, or 
if it takes too long
+ Use pkill to kill the totem process for video screenshot test, because 
it's more reliable than totem --quit
+ usb: add detect job for preinserted storage
+ usb: disk_detect requires udisks2 to be available
+ add dock test plan and cases
+ units/cpu/jobs.pxu: corrected governor to look for in scaling test 
+ bin:disk_read_performance_test: Set mdadm (sw raid) threshold to 500MB/s
+ Revisited solution and went with a resource rather than coding it into 
the command: section
+ units/gpgpu/jobs.pxu reduce output of gpu-burn with simple grepping 
for the lines we do care about. lp: #1853892
+ units/cpu/jobs.pxu only run cpufreq test if userspace is an available 
governor. lp: #1853877
+ fan_reaction: fix crashing when fan node disappears mid-test
+ bin:disk_read_performance_test: Set NVME threshold MIN_BUF_READ=200
+ units:submission: Remove the deprecated collect-manifest
+ increment version to v0.51.0.dev0
+ audio: add loopback connector manifest entry
+ Added kernel taint test
+ Add a test to see if the firmware claims support for the EFI 
reboot-to-firmware-setup feature.

+ Bump to v0.46.0rc1
+ Added final bits for GPGPU testing lp: #1860679
+ increment version to v0.46.0.dev0

+ Bump to v0.3.0rc1
+ remove pts/gl-vs-vk test
+ increment version to v0.3.0.dev0


Sylvain Pineau

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