Checkbox project: process to make modifications and get them merged

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Fri Mar 4 08:11:24 UTC 2016

Hi there!

A few days ago, I was asked asked what was the usual process to have
modifications made in the Checkbox project.

Here are some explanations. That may be of interest for other people so
I'll leave it here :)

As of today, most of the Checkbox-related projects (Checkbox-NG, Plainbox,
Checkbox providers, etc.) are stored in one Bazaar repository. [1]

You can grab a copy of the code by running:

    bzr branch lp:checkbox

You'll then have all these projects stored in a checkbox directory on your

Make the modifications you want, test it and when it's ready, make sure you
have the latest version of Checkbox repository, then commit your changes:

    bzr pull
    bzr commit

If your changes fix an open bug (for instance bug #1552503), you can link
your commit to it:

    bzr commit --fixes lp:1552503

You'll have to write a commit title and message explaining what you changed.

For the title, we recommend prefixing it depending on the project you
modified. For instance, if you did some modifications in the Checkbox
provider, your commit title should look like:

    provider:checkbox: Fix fwts script

Once this is done, it's time to show your modifications to the World!

With Bazaar you can push your modifications to a personal branch like this:

    bzr push lp:~*your-launchpad-id*/checkbox/*branch-title*

For example, in my case:

    bzr push lp:~pierre-equoy/checkbox/fix-lp1552503-fwts_test

Once pushed, the branch will be visible in your Launchpad page [2].

>From there, you can propose your modifications to be merged in Checkbox
main repository (aka Checkbox trunk). Select the branch you just pushed,
click on “Propose for merging” and validate (the default choices should be
the right ones). This will create a merge proposal you can share with
anyone so they can review your modification and propose comments.

A notification will also be sent to the Checkbox team to review your
modifications and approve/comment on it.

I hope this little introduction is clear enough! If you have any questions,
please let me know here or come on our IRC channel (#checkbox on Freenode)
and ask around!



Pierre Equoy
QA & Certification Engineer | Canonical |
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