New Checkbox release available in our Stable PPA! (2016-07-25)

Pierre Equoy pierre.equoy at
Mon Jul 25 06:02:44 UTC 2016

Hello all!

The next release of Checkbox is available in the testing PPA:

It includes the following components:

   - checkbox-ng 0.27
   - checkbox-support 0.27
   - plainbox-provider-checkbox 0.29
   - plainbox 0.29
   - plainbox-provider-certification-server 0.28
   - Firmware Test Suite 16.06

New features

Amongst the bugfixes described below, a few new features:

*- New jobs available to use to test AMD GPU open source drivers ("amdgpu")
on Xenial. *By using the new jobs, checkbox will check if the device has an
AMD discrete GPU and if it's running Xenial, and in that case, will do the
necessary to activate it to be used.

The list of new jobs is as follow:


*- Ability to include test plans in other test plans:* this is very useful
if you use a "base test plan" which you want to extend; for instance, you
want all the tests in the "certification provider" plus a few of your own.
This is now possible! Sylvain is updating the documentation, but in the
meantime you'll find a brief explanation here

Important note regarding FWTS tests

>From now on, a copy of dmesg and syslog are included in the logs generated
when running FWTS tests in order to help engineers when investigating
Because of this, the generated logs might become very big, so it was
decided to compress them before sending them over to C3 (when submitting to

Currently, Checkbox cannot send binary files to C3, so we have to
base64-encode the compressed files before sending them.

This means that when this version is pushed to the Stable PPA, if you want
to open a FWTS log file from C3, you'll have to do the following:

  - download file from C3 (let's call it "fwts_log")
  - decode it: base64 -d fwts_log > fwts_log.xz
  - uncompress it (it's an xz archive)

Complete Changelog

*Canonical Certification Server Provider for PlainBox 0.28*
#1590494 Server launcher should default to 16.04 full list, rather than
14.04 <>
#1309217 canonical-certification.conf is in a weird location in the source

*Checkbox** Provider for PlainBox 0.29*
#1602070 pm_test crashes with UnicodeDecodeError
#1584607 Request to collect/attach more logs for stress tests

*Checkbox Support Library 0.27*
#1595380 audio_settings doesn't store the proper volume in xenial

*Next Generation Checkbox (CLI) 0.27*
#1585556 Upload test report to C3 failed

*PlainBox (Toolkit) 0.29*
#1303742 sdist should sign the generated tarball
#1569540 Add ability to create includes in pxu files
#1458577 comments are not preserved in some cases (user-interact)

*FWTS 16.06*
See FWTS 16.06.00 changelog


Pierre Equoy
QA & Certification Engineer | Canonical |

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