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Tue Jul 19 13:29:11 UTC 2016

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Hi all,

I've recently written, and Jeff has approved for inclusion in
Checkbox, a new disk stress test based on stress-ng. It's called
disk_stress_ng_{device}, and the hope is that we'll be able to replace
the older storage_device_{device} test with the new one. The new test
should run for about 76 minutes. Unlike storage_device_{device},
disk_stress_ng_{device} will locate and mount a Linux (ext2/3/4fs,
JFS, XFS, or Btrfs) partition on the device, then unmount it when it's
done, so disks don't need to be pre-mounted, although they do need to
have Linux filesystems. If the largest partition on the disk is
already mounted, it will be used at its current mount point. One
caveat is that the new test relies on stress-ng features not present
in the version of stress-ng included in Ubuntu 14.04, so to use it
with 14.04, you must install stress-ng from a newer Ubuntu.

For the moment, we're adding it to the list of standard tests for
16.04 server certification. If the client team wants to look at it,
too, please feel free to do so. I think it should be useable for
client testing as-is If it works the way we're hoping, we may
eventually remove the storage_device_{device} test from our 16.04
whitelists, although it will probably remain for 14.04 testing.

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