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Thu Feb 4 08:32:14 UTC 2016

Hey Rod

The way to add dependencies in a way that doesn't make us insane at
release time is to use packaging meta-data units. This can be easily
applied to packaging automatically. Refer to [1] for details. While we
don't take advantage of those units in our PPA packaging (some bits
were blocking precise) we do use them in Debian and Ubuntu and with a
little help we could use them everywhere. The major advantage is that
tests themselves can contain the relevant information so we don't have
to uncover issues later in the field, after the release.


On Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 9:57 PM, Roderick W. Smith
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> Hi all,
> A while ago I had a problem with a dependency for a new test not
> showing up in Checkbox. I've just submitted merge requests for a new
> test that again depends on a new package:
> This one depends on a fairly recent version of stress-ng, which I've
> uploaded to the certification PPA. (The version in all Ubuntu releases
> through Wily are too old for this test.) I've put in the "
> = 'stress-ng'" line in, but if I need to modify another
> file to ensure that stress-ng will be installed, could somebody please
> tell me what to modify? Thanks.
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