Breezy 2019 summer sprint report

Jelmer Vernooń≥ jelmer at
Mon Aug 5 01:26:30 UTC 2019

Hi Sam,

On Sat, Aug 03, 2019 at 06:13:18PM +0100, Sam Bull wrote:
> I just got round to trying out brz, but didn't have much success.
> It supports Git repositories natively, right? I can't find any documentation
> about how to use it with Git, only a page listing limitations.
> I'm trying to use it with a Bitbucket repo, but using the URL they provide
> directly didn't work. So, I tried prefixing it with git://, which just resulted
> in a timeout after a significant wait. Then I tried prefixing with git+ssh://, which atleast unlocked my SSH key, but then immediately reports an unknown error has occurred.
> Testing it on a Mac, in case that matters.
In general, Breezy should work the same way with Git repositories as with
Bazaar repositories. I.e. you'd just run "bzr branch
git://". Limitations with the Git supported in Breezy are documented here:

Do you have an example BitBucket URL that doesn't work for you, so I can test it here?

I don't believe we have actually tested Breezy on Mac OS X, though I'm not
aware of any changes that we made since the Bazaar released that would break
Mac OS X.



> On Sun, 2019-06-23 at 16:54 +0100, Martin (gzlist) wrote:
> > Last weekend we had a small Breezy sprint in London.
> > 
> > Main goals were to work out the aims for the planned 3.1 release, and
> > improvements to git format support and large file handling.
> > 
> > We went over plans pending branches on Friday evening, including
> > looking at the updated http interface changes, were we're on route to
> > drop the last of the old _urllib2_wrappers code and maybe start
> > depending on urllib3. Upstream the landscape is still changing[1] so
> > the final destination may be somewhere else.
> > 
> > In the morning Vincent poked CI and we got landing code, Jelmer
> > working on making some of the more complicated tuples in interfaces
> > into nicer objects with attributes, and Martin splitting the config
> > envvar/directory location code to a new module. Then we moved on to
> > tackling usability bugs and windows bugs (still more to do on both)
> > and starting on tests for large file support.
> > 
> > Saturday evening went out for very nice Lebanese meal (which ended up
> > being enough for lunch the next day). Funniest non-code moment was
> > trying to get google home to understand the band name "Au Revoir
> > Simone" - which resulted in a different outlandish guess each attempt.
> > 
> > On Sunday work on large file bottlenecks continued, and Martin
> > finished long standing goal of moving ~/.brz.log out of $HOME on nix
> > and windows.
> > 
> > Meanwhile Vincent worked on the 3.0.1 release, which is now
> > available[2] just had issues with the announcement email.
> > 
> > We haven't made plans for the next sprint yet, but we will announce in
> > advance and hopefully get a few more people involved.
> > 
> > Martin
> > 
> > [1]:
> > [2]:
> > 

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