Breezy 3.0.0 released!

Jelmer Vernooń≥ jelmer at
Sun Mar 17 05:24:13 UTC 2019

We're pleased to announce the 3.0.0 release of Breezy.

Breezy is a version control system implemented in Python with support
for multiple repository formats including git, and an emphasis on

The project is a fork of the dormant Bazaar project, and this release is a
culmination of about a year worth of work since the fork. Key changes
from the last release of Bazaar:

* Compatibility with Python 3 (and Python 2.7 still)
* Support for Git repositories
* Built-in support for extra commands previously provided by plugins,
  most notably: grep, fastimport/fastexport, bisect, upload, stats, heads
* ~100 smaller bug fixes (

For a fuller (but still incomplete) list of changes, see our changelog


You can install Breezy 3.0.0:

* From source, by downloading the tarball from (GPG signature at
* From pip by running "pip install breezy"
* If you're running Debian, straight from Debian unstable
  ( or testing
* If you're running Ubuntu, you can install Bionic and Cosmic packages
  from the PPA at
* If you're running FreeBSD, there is a port (see available.

Upgrading from Bazaar

The Breezy configuration lives in ``~/.config/breezy``, but it will read
``~/.bazaar`` if the former does not exist. Since the API for Breezy is different
than that of Bazaar, any existing plugins will need to be ported manually.
Plugins you have installed in ``~/.bazaar/plugins`` will almost certainly not

Breezy has dropped support for the FTP transport.

The command line tool is named ``brz`` rather than ``bzr`` but can be aliased for

Supported plugins

Several of the plugins that were available for Bazaar and that were not merged into Breezy itself have been ported to work with Breezy.

* breezy-debian (based on bzr-builddeb)
* brz-builder (based on bzr-builder)
* brz-loom (based on bzr-loom)
* loggerhead
* qbrz (based on qbzr)


Please report any bugs on Launchpad (

You can also reach us here on the Bazaar mailing list and on the #bzr IRC channel on Freenode <

 -- Martin, Vincent and Jelmer
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