line selection operations for breezy/bazaar

Brendan Simon Brendan at
Sun Mar 11 10:08:27 UTC 2018

Git has the feature of being able to add/discard lines to/from the
index, or discard lines entirely from working copies of modified files.

Does Breezy/Bazaar have such feature?

If not, is it something developers would like to have?  I certainly find
the feature useful in Git, when I have to to make various changes (that
may or may not be related) and then have the ability to commit the
related parts (chosen lines of chosen modified files) in separate commits.

As far as I know Breezy/Bazaar doesn't have a staging index.  If not, is
that a problem?  Maybe it could be faked (if need be)?  Maybe via
shelving perhaps?

These advanced features (selected line commits) are most easily
performed using a good GUI tool (at least for me), to (a) visualise all
the changes, and (b) select the lines of interest for the operation
(commit, discard).

With Git I use SourceTree on Mac and Windows, and I use Eclipse Egit on
Linux (and Mac and Windows too).

Is there a Breezy/Bazaar GUI with such advance features.  There was a
Bazaar Explorer at some stage.  Is that still around and active with Breezy?

I do like the idea some Eclipse integration too.  Maybe Egit can be
modified/ported to work with Breezy?  Or maybe another Git GUI can be
adapted to work with Breezy?

Any thoughts?

Cheers, Brendan.

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