Breezy contributions.

André avic at
Fri Jan 12 19:33:40 UTC 2018

Em 09-01-2018 20:51, Jacob MacDonald escreveu:
> Hello list!
> I found Breezy via the article that frontpaged on HN yesterday, went
> back and watched the talk from last year, and am hoping the project
> stays alive. Also looking for a way to make a first contribution! I see
> this list is low-volume, perhaps I'll have better luck on IRC?
> Best,
> Jacob.

Hello, Jacob. If you find that path, please tell me (either here or in a 
private only message, if you prefer).

I wonder if Bazaar is becoming just an abandoned project by Canonical, 
given the current status of Git (and many many systems using it) all 
over the world.

Personally, I prefer Bazaar over Git. And I put Bazaar and SVN in the 
same position. But when I search for places to use them, things get much 

Bazaar had so few updates in the last years, that I will (naturally) 
always receive many counter arguments to it, if I tell any project to 
use in as its VCS.


Anyway, welcome aboard! (:

P.S. for the list: it seems that I received a few messages from this 
list address but was not part of it? Is that possible here?

2018/01/09 23:04 UTC was the first time I (tried to) send this message 
to the list, but I received a message saying the moderator needed to 
check the message first because only subscribed members could post... 
contradictory with what I experienced, as I said. Well, since yesterday 
I have received several messages from the list with subject "bzr/brz & 
integration with git(hub)", maybe the list is not as silent as I have 
seen since... since several months, maybe even a few years since I 
subscribed here and receive list's messages.

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