Breezy contributions.

Martin (gzlist) gzlist at
Wed Jan 10 22:22:34 UTC 2018

On 09/01/2018, Jacob MacDonald <jaccarmac at> wrote:
> I found Breezy via the article that frontpaged on HN yesterday, went back
> and watched the talk from last year, and am hoping the project stays alive.
> Also looking for a way to make a first contribution! I see this list is
> low-volume, perhaps I'll have better luck on IRC?

Hey Jacob!

Glad you liked the talk and are keen to help out.

Get the Breezy source using bzr to start:

  $ bzr branch lp:brz

If there Python 3 porting bits interest you, there are several modules
that are not too intertwined with format internals. A good way to
start on these is run the test module under Python 3 and see what
fails, for example:

  $ python3 brz selftest -s bt.test_email_message

Likewise, several broken parts of osutils look reasonably straight
forward, or msgeditor maybe?

You could also have a look through the bugs list and see if anything
catches your fancy:

Feel free to ask if you need pointers.


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