Hack weekend report

Jelmer Vernooń≥ jelmer at jelmer.uk
Fri Dec 8 23:16:13 UTC 2017

A couple of weeks ago, Vincent, Martin and I got together in London to
do some more hacking on Breezy.

We talked about our plans for Breezy and did some more hacking on
Breezy-related things.

We made also made practical progress on three fronts:

* ci.breezy-vcs.org: We set up a continuous integration system for
  Breezy, akin to what babune and PQM were for Bazaar. This work is
  close to completion, but not done yet.

* More work on support for Python 3
 + Lots of resolving string types in the 2a format code

* More work on foreign branch support
 + Fixing brz-git tests
 + Reducing exposure of file ids in the API

The Python 3 port is now at a point where it's possible for others
that are interested in helping out in picking up a module and porting
it over. Not every module is a good candidate; if you're interested,
mgz can help identify good candidates.



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