Problems with deleting tags?

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Fri Apr 15 15:11:59 UTC 2016

>>>>> ckalisiak  <ckalisiak at> writes:

    > Thanks for the replies.

    > Thank you, Vincent for the suggestion, but unfortunately, the bzr command
    > $ bzr push --overwrite-tags
    > would really only help when you're deleting a tag from a task branch and
    > then pushing the changes up. The problem we're having is that we can't
    > fully propagate the tag deletion to all branches.

Propagation happens by pulling or pushing so you also need to tell
people to 'bzr pull --overwrite-tags' indeed. Sorry, I failed to mention

But then:

    > We're using 2.5.1 because that's the latest release of Bazaar for
    > Windows.

and this was added in bzr 2.6 :-/

If only some fearless windows developer wanted to build an installer for
2.7.... ;)

    > So, Alexander, knowing that there's an outstanding issue with
    > "immortal" tags (that choice of wording is amusing, I'll be sure
    > to use it when I send an update to the team),


I think Alexander remark pre-date --overwrite-tags though.

    > we'll proceed to manually delete the tags in all branches. There
    > aren't that many branches, and we have full control of all of
    > them, so we'll just do that.

Right, whatever works best for you !


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