Problems with deleting tags?

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Fri Apr 15 09:42:45 UTC 2016

>>>>> ckalisiak  <ckalisiak at> writes:

    > Hello all,

    >    We just ran into some problems with trying to delete tags that were
    > created and then propagated throughout the branches. Creating tags works
    > fine, but when trying to delete tags that have been propagated, there are
    > some tags left over in some branches that we can't get rid of.

    >    Even the most simple scenario results in tags that are undeleteable via
    > pull (even with force overwrite):

    > -Create shared repository on server B:\Administration\repo
    > -Create shared repository locally c:\temp\repo
    > -Add files to the "trunk" branch created on B:\administration\repo\trunk
    > -Commit the files as rev 1
    > -Create bound branch from b:\administration\repo\trunk to c:\temp\repo
    > \trunk_mb
    > -Create a task branch from c:\temp\repo\trunk_mb to c:\temp\repo\trunk_tb
    > -Apply a tag "foo" in the task branch
    > -Push the tag to the mirror branch

    -> At this point, the tag "foo" is in all branches.

    > Delete the tag "foo" from the mirror branch.
    > Now how do I get rid of the tag in the task branch?

The following should work:

$ bzr tag foo --delete
$ bzr push --overwrite-tags

You still risk other people who got the tag from the mirror branch to
push it back, so a bit of coordination is needed.


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