Adding files from different directories/drives

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Tue Apr 5 07:43:23 UTC 2016

>>>>> Brian Wolfsohn <blwcus at> writes:

    > I'm a single developer using bazaar for a number of years in a very very
    > basic way...

    > all my code has been on a local drive.

    > the repository is in a single directory with multiple directories underneath
    > it which have files that are added to bazaar as necessary

    > c:\maindir
    > c:\maindir\app1
    > c:\maindir\app2
    > c:\maindir\app3

    > I have another group of files which are used for the web portion of this
    > application.  these files are stored directly on a local test server

    > p:\client\apps\dir1
    > p:\client\apps\dir2
    > p:\clients\js
    > p:\clients\css

    > Can i add these files to my project ?


    > or is it better to start a new repository ?

But yes ;-)

    > from my perspective it would be simpler to have everything under 1
    > repository as it makes moving from my desktop to laptop easier..

What I do to keep branches in sync between my laptop and desktop is
binding the laptop ones to the desktop ones.

I.e. on the laptop I do:

$ bzr branch bzr+ssh://<server>/<path> <branch>
$ cd <branch>
$ bzr bind :parent

>From then on, I just do 'bzr udpate' on dekstop or laptop when bzr
complains that the tree is not up to date.

Experiment a bit with scratch branches committing from both sides to get
a feeling on how this works.

The only use case where a bit more care is needed is if you have to 'bzr
unbind' the laptop for whatever reasons and end up with commits on both
sides. You'll have to merge the desktop into the laptop (but don't
worry, it generally makes a lot of sense for branches you're handling



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