Building homebrew bzr packages on OS X

Fred McCann fred at
Tue Feb 9 14:34:12 UTC 2016

Hey everyone, I’m working on preparing homebrew packages to make installing and upgrading bzr on OS X easy ( Now that 2.7 is stable, I’m working on getting an updated package into the main package repository.

I’m also working on packaging bzr plugins as well. In some cases, these plugins are easy to install manually, but in cases where there are dependencies (especially qbzr), installing on OS X can be difficult without a package manager. I have packages for:


One of the issues that I’m having with packages is that homebrew needs tarball release files. The other issue is it’s not clear which plugins are maintained and still widely useful. Do we have an idea which plugins are still viable? Is it possible to create tarball releases for them?

- Fred McCann
fred at

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