How can we ensure Bazaar (bzr) remains active?

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> I would like to emphasize the quality of the Bazaar code base - when I
> tried to get a grasp of how things worked, I was amazed by how
> well-written the code was, and how much documentation (both for users
> and developers) was available. I think Bazaar is a very well-engineered
> product, which makes its decline even sadder.
Sad indeed.

> I don't think that the battle is completely lost, if the Bazaar
> development team were to be reinvigorated and enlarged I think it might
> gain in popularity again, playing on its strength of being easier to use
> than git.
I'm reinvigorated to switch back to Bazaar -- if it has a future !!

> Another big problem we'd still be likely to face though is the dominance
> of Github vs. Launchpad. While Launchpad is definitely functional, it is
> by no means as snazzy as Github, and, what's more important, not as
> well-known or popular. Everybody tells you to have a good Github profile
> in your CV, I've never heard anybody say that about Launchpad. Apart
> from the Ubuntu (and derivatives) world, most people seem to be putting
> their open source projects on Github. And Github happens to be using
> git, not bzr.
> P.S. Nice to see some activity on the mailing list again :-) It had
> become somewhat quiet here...
That is why I suggested getting some kind of acceptance from BitBucket
and possibly SourceTree.

BitBucket already handles Git _and_ Mercurial, so adding another DVCS
would probably be less difficult as the architecture supports multiple
(2) DVCSes already.  Same with SourceTree.  What would Atlassian get out
of it?  I'd argue that they could get a better DVCS, be a one stop shop
for the 3 most popular DVCS systems, and attract more users to
BitBucket, which could attract more users to their professional paid for
products (Jira, etc).  The sell to Atlassian would (probably) have to be
that some core Bazaar developers would do a lot of the work, if that's
the way they roll?  Doesn't hurt to ask.

I like BitBucket because is has _free private repositories_, supports
Git and Mercurial, has issue tracking, etc.  I really wish it had Bazaar
support !!

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