Suggested fix lp:#213718 (bazaar pager)

Daniel Vedder d.vedder at
Fri Apr 10 20:59:12 UTC 2015

Hi Richard,

thanks for the quick feedback! Sorry about the noise - I had wondered
about all those permission changes, but as I had proceeded exactly as
you said, I didn't know what was wrong. I've figured out now though that
it's due to permission problems on one of my partitions. Unfortunately I
haven't found a proper solution yet, but until I do, here is a diff of
my working tree that's a bit cleaner to read than the last one.

I'm working under Ubuntu 14.04. And yes, I do have a Launchpad account.
Unfortunately, I also have bad Internet at my current location, and
uploading the entire branch back again would be really difficult (it was
troublesome enough downloading it). I will see what I can do, but it
might take some time.

@Fred: manually piping to less is of course always possible, but some
people are too lazy to type the extra letters ;-) Have a look at the
Launchpad discussion at the link I included, a lot of points were raised
there already.


On 10.04.2015 20:56, Richard Wilbur wrote:
> Daniel,
> Looks like some good work you've been doing.  I'm having some trouble
> with the Signal to Noise ratio--it's hard to find your code
> contributions since your patch consists mostly of turning on the
> execute permission bit of everything in the bzr source directory. ;>)
> As that probably wasn't your intention, let's get you going with a
> leaner change set.  Did you start with a branch from trunk?
> bzr branch lp:bzr bzr213718
> Then you shouldn't need a lot of wholesale changes to permissions, etc.
> By the way, what OS are you developing under?
> Next, because we've transitioned our normal process from reviewing
> patches submitted on the mailing list, to pushing branches up to
> launchpad, our review process is somewhat simpler.
> If you have a account, you can proceed as outlined below
> (substitute your launchpad account name for 'daniel-vedder').  If not,
> you can sign up for free online at
> Otherwise, we'll see what we can do to accommodate your contributions.
> Sincerely,
> Richard
> Create Launchpad Branch Recipe
> =====================================
> bzr branch lp:bzr bzr213718
> #Nothing magic about this local branch name.
> #Could use 'pager' if you prefer and substitute below in 'cd' command.
> cd bzr213718
> [edit the files with your favorite editor]
> bzr commit -m 'Fix lp:213718 by adding pager support.'
> bzr push lp:~daniel-vedder/bzr/pager
> Then visit here:
> Fill out the form and submit.

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