PO files (was: Windows installer for bzr 2.6)

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sun Apr 13 05:47:19 UTC 2014

Joshua Judson Rosen writes:

 > >    > So are the po files normally required for the win installer?
 > >
 > >No idea, sorry, does something break if you don't have them (apart from
 > >the error above that is).
 > If you don't build the po files into mo files and install the mo
 > files, then the program is only able to speak US English.

True, but I don't think that's the question.  That is, you don't need
to keep the po files around for a preconfigured and built install.

However, since Bazaar is GPL, the po files count as source, and you
may as well distribute them.  I wouldn't say it's "broken" if they're
missing, but it's sort of against the spirit of a Python program
distributed as source to forget the po files or to suggest you should
bzr them down.


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