Problem exporting to git

David Engster deng at
Mon Mar 3 20:17:36 UTC 2014

Frits Jalvingh writes:
> Thanks a million, I did not know those tools ;)
> But at first glance they seem to be a "wrapper" for Git so that git can access
> a bzr format repo.. I really need a git repository as the result

The initial clone through the remote helper will give you exactly
that. The only thing you need to do is to run 'git gc' afterwards, since
it will probably be huge.

> planning to leave Bazaar (very, very sadly, because I truly love it) due to it
> not being developed and maintained anymore.

Same here, and git's bzr remote helper was the only tool that could
convert the CEDET repository. It is also able to convert the whole Emacs
repository, so I'm confident it will work for you.


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