Problem exporting to git

Frits Jalvingh jal at
Mon Mar 3 20:31:28 UTC 2014

Thanks for the clarification, David. I will try it as soon as the bzr-git
experiment finishes ;-)

On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 9:17 PM, David Engster <deng at> wrote:

> Frits Jalvingh writes:
> > Thanks a million, I did not know those tools ;)
> > But at first glance they seem to be a "wrapper" for Git so that git can
> access
> > a bzr format repo.. I really need a git repository as the result
> The initial clone through the remote helper will give you exactly
> that. The only thing you need to do is to run 'git gc' afterwards, since
> it will probably be huge.
> > planning to leave Bazaar (very, very sadly, because I truly love it) due
> to it
> > not being developed and maintained anymore.
> Same here, and git's bzr remote helper was the only tool that could
> convert the CEDET repository. It is also able to convert the whole Emacs
> repository, so I'm confident it will work for you.
> -David
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