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Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Fri Aug 30 07:27:13 UTC 2013

>>>>> Stephen J Turnbull <stephen at> writes:

    > Chris Hecker writes:
    >> feeling frisky and the param offends then the patch could add some kind 
    >> of persistent setting for it too.

    > Aren't aliases good enough for any kind of persistent setting?

    >> I think it should have been relative paths from the beginning,

I never did (nor do) encounter issues with that *because* I'm always
working from the root of the project so, 'cwd == bzr root' is always
true in my case.

Once in a while, for various reasons, I'm not in that directory and need
to 'bzr add' or something but at that point I never try to use 'bzr
status' output (which indeed cannot be copy/pasted).

    > Pretty clearly the choice was arbitrary, as there are many people with
    > strong preferences for each format.

I agree with that.

It's one of those cases where the default value cannot suit everybody
needs and should be easy to configure.

Yet, I haven't investigated what the fallouts are so just defining a
config option and changing 'bzr status' output may not be enough (and
changing bzr status output may not be that trivial either. On the other
hand, IIRC, there is a pretty decent test coverage for that).


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