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    > There is somewhat of a misunderstanding in the idea that "GNU" could
    > "become the primary project maintainer".  GNU is an operating system;
    > it can't maintain software.

    If I say that "Australia played New Zealand on the weekend" you can
    probably guess I don't mean the land masses or the entire countries.

Most people know that Australia and New Zealand are countries, and
when they read that phrase, they know the national teams played each
other.  They understand the situation thoroughly so they can deduce
the real situation from such an abbreviation.

Most people who use the GNU operating system don't know GNU is an
operating system.  They think that the system is "Linux" and that GNU
is a project or a license.  See

Educating people about this is high priority for the GNU Project.  You
can help easily and efficiently by (1) using the expression "GNU
operating system" whenever it is pertinent, so people see that GNU is
an operating system, and (2) saying "GNU Project" or "GNU General
Public License" when those are what we mean.

See and, plus for the whole history.

    This was my first and most important point: we just need an individual to
    work on it.

We basically agree.

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