Common ancestor in a repository?

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There is "bzr qlog a b c" from the qbzr plugin. I think some of its logic
for how to lay out multiple branch ancestries is in core bzr. At least,
there was effort to make it common so it could be used in web front ends
like loggerhead. But I don't think all of that was completed.

If you just want common ancestors of >2 branches, I'm pretty sure the
internal Graph object handles it. But it isn't something that got exposed
to the command line.
On Mar 28, 2013 8:49 PM, <ckalisiak at> wrote:

> Hello,
>    Thanks to the assistance of John Arbash Meinel, we have been able to
> identify how we should
> be dealing with point fixes and code sharing between branches.
>    The next step is how to determine programmatically the greatest common
> ancestor of a number
> of branches in a respository.
>    I'm aware of "find-merge-base", which is a good start, but it only
> operates on two branches at a
> time, and its output is only useful as the input to another command (e.g.
> bzr log). I'm also aware of
> "ancestry" and "graph-ancestry", which provides more detail of the history
> of a particular branch.
>    Does there exist a mechanism for graphing the merge history of all
> branches contained in a
> repository?
> Thanks,
> Chris
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