Bazaar Mac installer no longer opens by default on Mountain Lion

Mark Grandi markgrandi at
Fri Aug 3 16:33:16 UTC 2012

In case anyone isn't aware, Mac os x Mountain Lion came out recently, and
one of the new 'features' is "gatekeeper", which basically means that with
default settings, a user can only open apps that come from the mac app
store, or apps that are "signed" by default, or else you get this message:

It is possible to open it without changing your settings, you can right
click -> open and it will bypass the message and never ask you again for
that application (its handled by a special metadata bit), or you can just
of course remove the metadata bit in the command line, or download the
program using something that doesn't add the quarantine bit to the program
when its downloaded (like wget/curl or something).

Either way, getting a 'certificate' to sign the app requires a mac
developer license which is $99/year, if someone does decide to sign the
bazaar installer dmg

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