Storage internals: UUID

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at
Fri Jun 15 00:01:41 UTC 2012

On Thursday, June 14, 2012 at 7:39 PM, Aaron Bentley <aaron at> wrote:
> The problem with attempting to guarantee the history of a revision is
> that bzr doesn't have a static picture of the history of a revision.
> One repository might include all the parents of a revision.  Another
> might have only some of them.  And over time, new ancestral 
> revisions may be added to a repository.


Can you explain how it is that Bzr can have a revision without the parents or why that is a good idea? I'm sure that this was a conscious decision by the bzr developers, but I would like to understand it... When you pull a revision but not its history, do you think it might be possible to at least pull the SHA1 sum of the parent? I am assuming that whenever a revision was made, the parents were present (it's hard to imagine a successful commit otherwise). So I'm thinking that if you pull a revision without its parents, you'd still download the "history-aware testament"... I'd need to think a little about how the details would work.


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