Windows installer for bzr 2.5.1

Gordon Tyler gordon.tyler at
Thu Jun 14 14:48:46 UTC 2012

> Right. I was outlining what it would take to get someone else
> bootstrapped for the first time. I believe Martin said it took him
> 1.5hrs to do the build, including the time needed to remember the
> steps, etc.
> That's generally what I remember, except for when a plugin is broken
> vs a specific new version of bzr, etc.

As a frame of reference, it takes me about an hour to do the Mac OS X
builds, which includes tracking down which versions of the plugins to use
and running the (mostly) automated build. Sometimes it takes longer if I
encounter issues. The build itself takes about 20-25 minutes because it has
to compile PyQt and it's only a dinky MacBook Pro from 2006.

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