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> "Both"  


> I am starting to use it for personal code so I can learn about it.  


> After I gain some experience I will be able to judge bzr's merits
> from a position of knowledge. I just finished an 18 month project
> which I did with Hg. I like hg but would like to gain experience with
> the third major DVCS.  

Does it mean you used git as well?

I'm interested to hear your experience with bzr vs hg, 'cause I did use
hg for some time, but consider bzr might be easier to grok for
potential contributors to our projects.

Otherwise, my own personal projects are in Fossil, but do I miss some
features and plan to move to bzr.

> Looking further down the road, in a while I'm going to start coding
> for an academic software package that currently uses SVN. Discussions
> with my supervisor (who is one of the developers) have led me to
> think that they would solve some of their problems if they switched
> to a DVCS.   

Fortunately, I only played with CVS for a very short time and then
skipped SVN jumping directly to DVCS bandwagon (darcs).


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