Storage internals: UUID

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at
Thu Jun 14 10:44:56 UTC 2012

On Thursday, June 14, 2012 at 10:00 AM, Gour <gour at> wrote:
> Btw, do you use bzr or just just considering it?


I am starting to use it for personal code so I can learn about it. After I gain some experience I will be able to judge bzr's merits from a position of knowledge. I just finished an 18 month project which I did with Hg. I like hg but would like to gain experience with the third major DVCS.

Looking further down the road, in a while I'm going to start coding for an academic software package that currently uses SVN. Discussions with my supervisor (who is one of the developers) have led me to think that they would solve some of their problems if they switched to a DVCS. That's often in the back of my mind when I ask questions. Like, when I asked about bzr-svn I was thinking that it could allow some members to try bzr for a while without just switching the entire project to Bzr overnight...  In any case, I'm going to wait before I get to know the team and the project before I start butting in with suggestions.


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