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On 6/7/2012 5:50 PM, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am learning about "bzr testament". It seems to already do a lot
> of what I like. For example, on the Inkscape tree:
> % bzr testament -r 6372 bazaar-ng testament short form 1 
> revision-id:
> johanengelen at 
> sha1: 165c2a8e46025aa7c1d545115fecd69f6217a34b
> Now, I have a few questions:
> 1. What does this SHA1 sum include? I can see that if I run "bzr
> testament --verbose" I get SHA1 sums for every file, so I assume
> that the SHA1 in the short-form testament must combine these in
> some way... Can anyone give me details.

Essentially, if you do:

bzr testament --long | sha1sum

You should get the same value that you see in:
bzr testament

Note I just found a bug on Windows, where we weren't setting the
O_BINARY flag on stdout for 'bzr testament'. Which I've submitted a
fix for. (bug #1010339)

> 2. Are the SHA1 sums from the testament actually stored anywhere or
> are they computed on the fly? If they are stored, where can I find
> them?
> Cheers, Daniel.

We do store the sha1 sum in the inventory code, but I don't think we
expose it in the command line UI.

If you do something like:

from bzrlib import branch
b ='.')
rt = b.repository.revision_tree(b.last_revision())
ie = rt.inventory[rt.path2id('filename')]

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