Getting rid of ~bzr-core ... take 2

Max Bowsher _ at
Mon Apr 9 00:01:59 UTC 2012

Way back in June last year, I initiated a discussion about getting rid
of the ~bzr-core team, because its purpose is somewhat confusing.

We established back then that the entire existence of the team was for
people who shied away from the volume of bugmail for plugins that ~bzr
was subscribed to.

There was a slight tone of assent for getting rid of ~bzr-core, but a
final resolution wasn't reached, and I dropped the ball on herding to
discussion to a useful conclusion.

I'd like to pick this up and finish it off.

Concrete proposal:

1) Unsubscribe the following teams (which are all subteams of ~bzr) from
all their current bugmail subscriptions:


 [This can only be done by an administrator of the teams in question]

2) Merge the ~bzr-core team into ~bzr

I'll suffix that by mentioning that this no longer has any significant
effect on me personally, as I've now gone through and clicked all the
relevant places in Launchpad to individually mute my participation in
current structural subscriptions via ~bzr - but, I think this is still
worth doing, for the convenience of future members, and to remove the
~bzr / ~bzr-core ambiguity once and for all.


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